Luci and Ben’s wedding

Luci came to me shortly after The Blossom Parlour launched. It was exciting to have someone interested in the style I was offering and the idea of my first wedding sent me in to a creative overdrive. Being a bride makes you giddy with all the ideas and excitement that comes with it – I didn’t realise I’d experience the same with creating someone’s floral design for their wedding day!

After a number of conversations, and Luci’s conviction of going with her favourite colour of pink, we managed to come up with some ideas for the day. She loved the idea of simple jam jars on a wooden slice, skilled with gypsophelia, roses and complimentary blooms. The bouquets were going to showcase hydrangeas in links and whites, the groomsmen were going so be wearing roses on their lapels. Meadow boxes were organised to sit on the enormous wooden kegs in the bar, and a simple arrangement for the entrance hall was organised too.

Arriving at Aldwick Court Farm at the end of October, armed with many buckets of flowers and the bouquets, I set to work. 30 jam jars were assembled in record time and 40 individual test tubs were filled with roses and slotted into hessian bags to hang on the back of the guests chairs.

A swift delivery to the bridal suite, a couple of buttonholes pinned to the groomsmen, and the venue was set for their special day.

It was a pleasure to work alongside Luci to bring her floral vision to life. Wishing her and Ben a lifetime of happiness together.


Photos by De Ja Vu


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