Backwell House Wellbeing Event

This wonderful event was the second in the series and I was very lucky to be introduced to the lovely Kelly from The Barn via social media – again! After she put out a last minute request for a florist at this event, I had many clients and friends tag me in her post on Facebook, which was very flattering! 

So, the day after the Harry Potter wedding, I collated my stock and head over in the dreary January weather to the stunning Backwell house, found just outside of Bristol on the A370. Having already seen this venue advertising it’s unique events over social media platforms, I was very excited to see the space for myself. 

Driving up the winding driveway, you see the beautiful cream facade looking at you, before its hidden behind evergreens as you pull up and park. Then, sneaking through a couple of pathways, you make your way into the Georgian house via its central front entrance into a modest hall, with a beautiful curving staircase to your right. Kelly whizzed in, greeted me and promptly introduced me to “Guy, the Backwell House guy” and I was direct through to the conservatory, via a side hall to the right. I made myself comfortable with a slightly different set up and as midday day approached, I began to create bespoke hand tied blooms for the visitors coming to enjoy an afternoon of wellbeing. There were lovely treatments, skin regimes, tarot readings and various talks about each discipline. 

Then it was lunchtime. For those who know me personally, will know how much I enjoy food. Mr Blossom Parlour and I have a list of restaurants we like to frequent when the children have been sent to granny’s, and needless to say, Backwell House has entered that list. It was such a simple set up, but one that made the experience hassle free and quick. The bar was jaw dropping to say the least, and right up my street. I’m actually contemplating asking Guy to come and redesign my house… But back to the point in hand. The small, modest bar had a table no bigger than 5′ long adjacent to it on the left hand side. Whilst the staff mixed up green smoothies and I oggled at the gin, visitors were able to select one of the small plates for lunch. I say small, I chose a scotch egg, which could have been mistaken for a small cannon ball due to its size. The taste was immense and as it was still warm, it was real comfort food on such a miserable day. My friend who had joined me by this point, chose a small GF tartlet, filled with cheese and broccoli. We then decided we should try both of the cakes on offer, so she had a lemon cake and I selected the brownie, which entered the top 3 best brownies ever. Alongside these choices, was also fresh sausage rolls, a Thai chicken salad and a beautiful selection of sandwiches. 

I feel like I may be focusing too much on the venue and food in this write up of the event, but it all added to such a wonderful experience. The house has been brought back to life in the most spectacular yet modest way, the event was hosted by Kelly in the most efficient way and to be able to do my job in such a relaxing space and atmosphere was a real treat. I got to interactive with a wide range of people (including my old year 3/4 school teacher, who hasn’t changed in 20year, in a good way!) and I created the best bespoke blooms for them as a result. I can’t wait to head back in July to take part in another event. 

Photos of Backwell house taken from their Facebook page, as the weather was too miserable outside! 

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