Valentine’s Day

For someone who loathes Valentine’s Day, being a florist probably wasn’t the best idea in the world!

BUT! It’s always absolutely wonderful to hear those stories of why the bouquets and floral gifts are being bought for the occasion. For new relationships and the customer choosing something in hope that it’s the right thing, to the long term couples who have been together forever, and know *exactly* what they want to purchase, we can help with all of it.

Being a bespoke florist means that The Blossom Parlour takes the lead from their clients. You tell us what you need, and we fill in the blanks with our ever growing floral knowledge. Just give us a colour or occasion, recipient or reason, and we can put something together with that at the heart of it. Along with using the best blooms we can get our hands on from local flower farms (or wholesalers in the winter, cos, England…) we hope to create something that really reflects the person or reason you’re purchasing from us. We don’t believe in one size fits all.

There are times that everyone is busy and needs a quick, ready made item, which is why we have a small Valentine’s Day collection available on our shop. Covering all bases and budgets, we hope that it’s of use to our more busy clients who like to quickly click and go, and know it’s all being taken care of. There is always the notes section for you to give us any additional information, or you’re welcome to drop us an email alongside your website order.

Click on the shop tab, to browse our bouquets online.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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