Wedding Florals

There’s nothing more we like than a jolly good wedding! The planning stage is just as special as the day, and you can find so many ways to bring your interests and personalities into the day. One way to really help your day look great, is fresh blooms.

Whether you’re having a big affair, or keeping it close and personal, we can create a design that reflects you and your fiance, and the vibe you’re looking for your day.

To start the planning, we have a little telephone call where we talk about what you think you need, the venue(s) you’re looking at, and the time of year. We also like to hear about all the other styling ideas you have which will give us a good idea of the vibe you’re after: relaxed, formal, festival etc. From our conversation, a proposal and quote is drawn up and sent over for your consideration. This is just a starting point – floral designs can take all sorts of twists and turns! If we’re barking up the right tree, a booking is created and a save the date fee is made to secure your wedding day. We then book a date in for us to meet either at your venue or our workshop so we can really nail down the design. This could be straight away if you’re super excited or you can book it a little closer to the day (6-8 months is ideal, because by then, most of the colour scheme has been organized). We keep in touch via email for any alterations or thoughts to your order, and you’re welcome to book another consultation closer to the day to go over final timings and so on.

On the day, we rock up to all the delivery addresses you have provided us with and get to work with our blooms. Bouquets are delivered directly to the bride, to ensure all is ok (this is our most nerve wracking bit of the job!), buttonholes to their appropriate location, and the venue is then dressed accordingly.

Pretty simple, straight forward and fuss free. We like it that way, and hope you do to. Organizing weddings can be tricky enough without a supplier becoming a diva. Drop us an email or get in touch via the contact form and lets talk wedding blooms!